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Summer Junior Tennis Mentorship Camp

Summer Junior Tennis Mentorship ProgramIntroduction to Tennis
“The Sport for a Lifetime”

Where: Municipal Tennis Courts, 1414 Park Place, SB 93103
When: July 22-26, 2019
Time: Monday thru Friday 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Who: 2nd – 8th graders

Here is your opportunity to learn basic tennis skills and meet new friends. Mentors from the area High schools will be mentoring the campers along with onsite Tennis Coaches. This program is for the novice student to experience a new and exciting sport.

Rackets and necessary equipment will be provided.
This camp is FREE.
50 students will be accepted based on financial need and desire.

Updated fliers updated soonl

Mentorship Camp Flier
Camper Application
Camper/Mentor Waiver
Mentor Agreement

 Please fill out attach application and Release form and mail to:
SB Tennis Patrons, PO Box 3886
Santa Barbara, CA 93130


CathyAnn Simon, Executive Director
cas@sbtennispatrons.org     805.680.3870